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We’re always actively seeking qualified partners that either want to white label our services or become affiliates. Linking Up Local provides a flexible framework for qualified partners no matter what type of payment style you’re interested in.

Currently, we have two frameworks:

1) White Labeling Services

If you have active local clients looking for SEO or Google Map optimization, we can provide you with white labelling services without your clients ever knowing. We offer a fixed price scheme so you can up-sell whatever price you wish. Many of our white label partners are selling our services at 2x the cost. You handle your clients, and we’ll rank them. It’s super simple!

At this time, we’re only accepting applications from qualified partners that can provide 3+ active accounts within the first 3 months. Additionally, white labeling partners must deposit $200 that will apply towards your first service with us. We’re only asking for this $200 to show that you’re serious. If you do not use us within a 6 month span, we’ll refund you $100 of your approval fee. No questions asked.

We provide amazing support and have an active team that will answer any questions you have throughout your partnership with us. We can assist in multiple ways regarding education about our services, marketing information, and details on how to make even more money with our services.

*Please note that white labeling doesn’t include our Yelp Management services.

2) Referral Commission 

Let’s say you don’t want to bother with clients. If this is the case, our referral commission is the best option for you! We handle everything from inbounding clients, supporting them, and payments without you having to deal with any of that.

Currently, our referral commission has a different payment scheme based on the quality of the lead. We break them into two types, warm and cold leads, and our payout reflects that. We understand some of our referral partners will pre-screen and qualify the lead before sending them to us. Therefore, those referral partners will be provided with a higher level of payouts.

Additionally, we’re extremely flexible for our clients based on their budgets!

  • Yelp Management – Some of our clients are purely a pay per-review or a monthly management fee. Typically, clients come on board via the pre-pay review scheme and then the following month opt into our monthly management programs, as it’s cheaper for them from a long-term perspective. While clients are doing a pay as you go method we’ll provide you with a one-time payment for each review that sticks for 30 days. Once they come onto our monthly packages, you’ll receive a monthly payout for the lifespan of their account. This means that you can make passive money off clients for months to come.
  • SEO Services – Our SEO Services are provided on a monthly basis for our clients only and we do not take on one-off clients as we can’t deliver results with one-off clients. Referral partners will make a monthly commission for any SEO client they refer to us based on their warm/cold lead structure.
  • Google Map Optimization – Google Map Optimization is a service that is offered to our clients via a large, one-time upfront fee with smaller additional payments. Referral partners will only get a flat rate payment for this service based on the one-time upfront payment as the monthly payment is very minimal.


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